Season #2

Welcome to today's episode, where I discuss psychographics as a component of customer intelligence. Psychographics involves studying people's qualitative characteristics, such as attitudes, opinions, and behaviors. Psychographics help understand factors that influence buying behavior, thus providing a perfect platform for providing top-notch goods and services satisfying customers' desires and requirements.

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:01] Episode introduction

[00:36] Todays focus; psychographics

[00:53] Defining psychographics

[01:28] Characteristics of psychographics

[01:37] #1 Personalities; introversion and extraversion

[02:08] #2 Lifestyle

[02:49] #3 Interest

[03:44] #4 Opinion, attitudes, and beliefs

[04:30] #5 Values

[05:22] Characteristics influencing buying behavior

[05:39] #1 Priority initiative

[07:11] #2 Buying decision/ success factors

[07:42] #3 Perceived barriers

[09:05] #4 Decision criteria

[09:49] #5 Buyer's journey

[10:59] Methods of generating a psychographic profile


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