Building A Customer-Centeric Team Culture

Season #2

In Today's competitive and highly saturated markets, companies must remain at the top of the game by embracing new strategies. One least explored and implemented strategy is the customer-centric culture. Although rarely considered, companies that have adopted the customer-centric culture have 60% more profits than those that don't use it. Customer-centric culture prioritizes customers' needs, desires, and overall satisfaction.

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:01] Episode introduction

[00:21] Today's focus; creating a customer-centric team culture

[01:53] Defining customer-centric

[02:42] The importance of creating a customer-centric team culture

[04:02] Steps to implementing customer-centric team culture in a workforce

[04:12] #1 Active listening

[04:53] #2 Empathy

[05:46] #3 Properly training staff

[06:55] #4 Customer satisfaction

[07:04] How to ensure customer satisfaction


Notable Quotes

  • "Customers dictate whether businesses will succeed or not." [00:49]


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