Camera On or Off?

Season #2

Aside from Covid 19 mitigation measures which require social distancing, virtual meetings are perfect, especially if the employees are in different locations. Virtual meetings are essential as they allow employees to interact and communicate with each other. People's preferences vary concerning whether to keep the camera on or off during a virtual meeting. Some people feel comfortable turning on the camera as they freely interact with others, take up non-verbal cues, and are encouraged to dress well. Others prefer keeping the camera off, especially when not in a comfortable environment, or perceive it as a showoff.

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:01] Episode introduction

[01:20] Today's Focus; Virtual meetings

[01:36] Should the camera remain on or off during the meeting?

[01:44] Advantages of keeping the camera on

[01:59] #1 Allows the participants to form a connection with each other

[03:02] #2 Allows non-verb cues

[04:01] reasons why some people keep the camera off

[04:41] #1 Zoom fatigue

[05:43] #2 It's a showoff and

[06:27] #3 It isn't easy to focus and pick non-verbal cues

[07:17] Whether to keep your camera on/off depends on the situations

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