Time Management

Season #2

Welcome to today's episode, where we discuss time management. Ever wondered why it takes more time for some people to complete their daily tasks? The secret is time management. Time management is a practice where tasks are categorized in order of priority, and each task is assigned a specific time. Time management significantly impacts personal and professional life as it determines whether an individual completes tasks within the agreed timeframe. It also helps to prevent procrastination or spending too much time on a single task.

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:01] Introduction to the episode

[00:23] This week's focus; time management

[00:39] Time management method

[02:35] Tips for time management

[02:42] #1 Prioritize by breaking the tasks into three categories

[02:52] Those that need to be done today

[02:57] Activities need to be done within a day or two

[03:05] Activities to be done in future

[03:13] #2 Make a schedule for your daily activities in order of priority

[03:31] #3 Do your top priority tasks and identify those that can be delegated

[03:45] #4 Identify tasks that can be delegated to others

[04:03] #5 Identify and eliminate destructions and time wasters

[04:37] #6 Learn to say no

[05:20] #7 Avoid perfectionism

[05:50] #8 Just do it

[06:15] Sources mentioned

[06:48] Remember to be gentle and patient with yourself


Resource Mentioned

  • Mastery of Your Anxiety and Worry (MAW): Therapist Guide Book by David H. Barlow and Michelle Craske


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