Manifesting Success

Season #2

Manifesting success is one of the vital things in life. It entails bringing something tangible into your life through belief. Although various strategies can be implemented/incorporated to manifest individual or organizational success, incorporating spiritual teachings is one effective strategy that has not been significantly explored. The spiritual approach entails overcoming self-sabotage and self-limiting beliefs and initiating breakthroughs and creativity, resulting in success.

In this great episode, Shayn De Mur is joined by Holly Marie, a certified hypnotherapist and soul coach. She also coaches in trauma healing and hypnosis/spiritual/energy healing. She is a spiritual teacher who activates people into success and breakthrough. Holly teaches a new tactic of success to those who want to succeed by creating their own rules. Holly explains that individuals can succeed in their careers if they unlock and reclaim their inner energy by implementing tools such as meditation/human designs/yoga. She notes that not all tools can unlock the inner self; however, one should select one that resonates with their life.

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:01] Episode introduction

[00:20] Holly Marie's bio

[01:05] Holly Marie's career journey

[06:38] Defining human design

[11:02] Relationship between manifestation and energy

[13:50] The link between manifestation and money

[17:05] How Holly Marie incorporated spiritual teachings into her business adventures

[20:41] Holly's perception of today's work culture and the benefits of embracing a spiritual approach

[23:55] Spirituality and business resources recommended

[25:42] Holly's message and advice to the audience


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