The Art of Generous Learning

Season #3

Leadership alone does not guarantee success in an organization/company. One crucial characteristic of mindful leadership is that every team member has something to offer, depending on their area of expertise. Today's topic discusses the art of generous learning and some tips on achieving it successfully. The art of generous learning means offering each team member an opportunity to present their perceptions/opinions without judgement or assumption and without considering their position in the company/organization.

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:01] Introduction to the episode

[00:25] Today's focus; the art of generous learning

[01:17] Tips to encourage the art of generous learning

[01:28] Ask team members to teach something

 [01:46] Find a way to interact with team members who speak another language 

[02:06] Train yourself in the habit of learning from your team

[02:16] Discover ways of  becoming genuinely interested in what each person can offer

[02:46] Launch a learning session where team members can learn from each other's expertise

[02:59] Set an example by asking questions without necessarily sounding like you are testing team members

[03:11] Ensure a comfortable environment for learning for team members hesitant to share what they know

[03:41] Determine how to implement what is learned from each other

Notable Quotes

  • "No one is all-knowing. No person is all-knowing." [01:02]
  • "Everyone has something they can teach, even if they don't know it [02:25]

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