Entrepreneur Growth Tips w/Dena Patton

Season #3

It is a challenging journey for an individual to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Entrepreneurial thinking entails having a positive mindset where one sees new opportunities and fewer risks. Individuals with entrepreneurial attitudes often succeed in their businesses/organizations/companies as they are not afraid to face problems head-on, thus overcoming challenges and inspiring others.

In this exciting episode, Shayn De Mur is joined by Dena Patton, owner and founder of Dena Patton Coaching and Training. With her enormous expertise in business coaching, Dena has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and helped them become great CEOs. Dena discusses entrepreneur growth tips, factors that facilitate the shift from entrepreneur to CEO mindset, and how busy CEOs can find time for effective self-care

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:01] Episode introduction

[00:22] Today's focus; Entrepreneur Growth Tips

[00:26] Dena Patton's bio

[00:55] Dena Patton's twenty-two years coaching journey

[06:36] Dena's description of how the CEO mindset differs from the Entrepreneur mindset

[07:25] Factors that facilitate the shift from entrepreneur to CEO mindset

[07:31] #1 Mindset, vision, values, and purpose

[09:14] #2 Hiring on-purpose revenue-generating help

[11:00] #3 Understand your sales and your sales system

[12:54] Why entrepreneurs have a limited mindset

[17:01] How a busy CEO can find time for effective self-care and why it matters

[20:41] Dena's template for a self-care plan

[21:36] Two distinctions in Dena's self-care template

[21:44] #1 Relaxing

[22:42] #2 Refueling

[28:03] How to connect with Dena Patton online


Notable Quotes

  • "We can't grow business without revenue." [09:27]
  • "There's no mystery to success." [13:42]
  • "You are the biggest asset of your business." [18:03]
  • "Our actions are always a result of our mindset." [19:13]
  • "Success is scheduled." [27:02]

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