How To Create More Time

Season #3

Time management is essential for small businesses, company/organization leaders, and managers. Time management entails planning and controlling how much time you spend on workplace and personal activities. Time management benefits include career success, accomplishing more in less time, and lowering stress. In this week's exciting episode, Shayn discusses a simple yet effective time management exercise that can be applied in personal life and workplaces. 

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:01] Introduction to the episode

[00:21] Today's focus: How to create more time

[01:09] Four-part exercise to help in creating more time

[01:23] Part 1: Scheduling your time concerning meetings and appointments

[01:39] #1 Each Friday, go over your schedule for the coming week with your assistant

[01:54] #2 Inform your assistant of what times you are available to meet with people and leave 50% of your time free

[02:14] #3 Tell your assistant who you are expecting to schedule a time with and how much time to give them

[02:41] #4 Ask your assistant to schedule no one else without your approval

[03:00] #5 After your approval meeting, ask your assistant to call back the requestee to firm up the meeting

[03:13] #6 Have your assistant call the day before all scheduled meetings and appointments to confirm

[03:25] Part 2: Focus on how much on what

[04:17] Keep working on the schedule to bring it to the following proportions;

[04:25] 15% to planning, 15% to miscellaneous activities/self-care, 50% to appointments and meetings, and 20% to address breakdowns

[04:51] Analyze your time each week and keep correcting the schedule

[05:03] Part 3: Focus on communication

[05:10] #1 Stay on top of major milestones and projects

[05:27] #2 Stop the flow of FYI information to you in priority form

[06:14] #3 Stop being a can-do-it for ordinary communication flow

[06:35] Part 4: Focus on self-care

[07:40] Shayn's parting shot


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