How To Create a Risk Management Mindset

Season #3

Life is ever full of risks, and they cannot be avoided. People take risks, such as starting a business, investing in online trade platforms like bitcoins, crossing the road, etc. Since risks cannot be avoided, the only way is to mitigate them. How we think about risk will determine how we try to manage it. If we perceive a risk inaccurately, then we ineffectively manage it. Join us in today's educative episode discussing creating a risk management mindset. Shayn provides a five-step process for achieving a risk management mindset.

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:01] Introduction to the episode

[00:23] This week's focus: how to create a risk management mindset

[00:41] Defining risk management

[01:13] The importance of risk management

[02:19] Five key steps to creating a risk management mindset

[02:25] #1 Identify your objectives

[03:01] #2 Assess the risks

[03:32] #3 Develop a risk management plan

[04:01] #4 Monitor and review your plan

[04:34] #5 Embrace a risk-aware culture

[05:20] Episode wrap-up




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