How To Keep a Cool Head in The Midst of Crisis

Season #3

They say that preparing oneself for a crisis increases the chances of responding effectively. However, it is one thing to prepare and another to deal with a real crisis. A crisis is inevitable in our daily life. Therefore, it is essential to have tips to avoid symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and constant worrying. In today's great episode, we discuss five tips on how to stay calm during a crisis.

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:01] Episode introduction

[00:30] This week's topic: how to keep a cool head during a crisis

[00:56] Tips on how to keep a leveled head amid a crisis

[01:09] #1 Practice mindfulness

[02:04] #2 Stay focused on what you can control

[02:47] #3 Seek support

[03:29] #4 Take care of yourself

[04:16] #5 Practice gratitude

[04:56] Episode recap


Notable Quotes

  • "Crisis is an inevitable part of life, and we are bound to face challenges and difficult decisions. However, how we handle them can determine the outcome." [00:39]


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