Zen Bites

Zen Bites

Hosted by: Shayn De Mur

Zen Bites blends ancient wisdom with business providing personal enhancement tips for customer-driven leaders empowering them to be centered, focused, and on purpose.


Remote Work

Season #1 Episode #43

We discuss the resistance to and benefits of remote work options.
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Shift Your Mindset

Season #1 Episode #42

We discuss ways to shift your mindset for better performance. We use an article (The Mindset Shift That Will Improve Your Performance at Everything) by Jessica Stillman of Inc magazine as our guideline.
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The Great Resignation

Season #1 Episode #41

Millions of Americans are walking away from their jobs...
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Management Lessons From The Gita

Season #1 Episode #40

We learn some management guidelines according to the Bhagavad Gita.
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5 Powerful Questions To Level Up

Season #1 Episode #39

We discuss 5 powerful questions that will help us level up in our business.
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Unconventional Team Building Exercise

Season #1 Episode #38

We discuss the benefits of an unconventional, yet powerful team building exercise.
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Business Agility

Season #1 Episode #37

An agile transformation enables high performance. We discuss the traits that are common among high performance organization.
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Realizing Your Purpose Can Lead To High Performance

Season #1 Episode #36

Operating with high performance allows you to: Connect with your higher purpose so that you discover your unique contribution to the world Develop your brand in congruence with your purpose so that it attracts ideal...
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Doing More With Less

Season #1 Episode #35

Minimalism can maximize time and make life more meaningful.
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Salesforce CX Transformation

Season #1 Episode #34

This episodes considers if Salesforce Customer 360 is the best solution for CX transformation. It also features a CapGemini interview with Mike King, Dan Sweeney, and Oziel Carrillo.
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Ransomware as a Service

Season #1 Episode #33

Ransomware has become a de facto risk for business. We discuss how ransomware has changed the business landscape and some prevention tips.
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Season #1 Episode #32

This is a housekeeping episode that goes over some changes to the show.
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