Zen Bites

Zen Bites

Hosted by: Shayn De Mur

Zen Bites blends ancient wisdom with business providing personal enhancement tips for customer-driven leaders empowering them to be centered, focused, and on purpose.


How to Obtain Mental Toughness

Season #1 Episode #55

This week, we discuss the 4 components of mental toughness and tips on how to obtain mental toughness.
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Journaling As a Spiritual Practice

Season #1 Episode #54

Spiritual writer Henri Nouwen said writing can untangle thoughts, express our emotions, and give artistic expression to life. Writing is a spiritual habit: “Writing can be a true spiritual discipline".
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Somatic Intelligence

Season #1 Episode #53

This week we discuss how certain behavioral responses may be trapped in our physical bodies which cause a pattern of behavior that could hold us back from reaching our potential.
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The Silent Killer

Season #1 Episode #52

In this episode, we discuss ways to manage stress as stress is the silent killer.
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Declutter Your Mind

Season #1 Episode #51

In this episode, we explore 10 ways to declutter the mind. A chatty mind can lead to underperformance.
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How To Turn Data Into Actionable Insight

Season #1 Episode #50

This week, we learn how to use business intelligence to empower our business.
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Change Your Reality

Season #1 Episode #49

Change your reality through creative visualization. We explore just how powerful the mind is and how to use your mind to create the reality that you desire.
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Exercise Increases Productivity

Season #1 Episode #48

Exercise can have a transformative effect on your work productivity. We discuss 5 ways exercise can increase your productivity.
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Agile Mindset

Season #1 Episode #47

We discuss how to adopt an agile mindset in your organization.
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Digital Transformation

Season #1 Episode #46

We discuss the elements and 5 lessons of digital transformation.
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The 9 Most Popular Project Management Methodologies

Season #1 Episode #45

Project management methodologies have an impact on organizational culture and growth. We discuss the 9 most popular methodologies and what kinds of organization will benefit the most from each.
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Transforming Culture Through Leadership

Season #1 Episode #44

The discussion is on the 5 leadership styles that shape organizational culture.
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